Accepted (2): Sollix, Fury Warrior, 920

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Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:49 am

Name: Sollix
Battle Tag: Greiss#11698
Discord Tag: Sollix#4918
Armory Link: ... nis/sollix
Server: Mal'Ganis
Class: Warrior
Race: Troll
Main spec: Fury
Off spec: Arms

Where did you hear about Seraph?: I saw a recruitment message in trade chat.

Are you applying independently or with a group?: Independently

Which team(s) are you applying for?:
1. Color Blind: N
2. Hallowed Ground: N
3. Disasterpiece: Y


SPECIFIC Raiding & Guild History (dates, rankings...): I started raiding as a dps warrior during the start of Cata and finished each tier on heroic in a guild called UE on Stonemaul. After the guild stopped raiding I joined Sinister Intent on Zul'jin for MoP and cleared each tier on heroic. I had to take a brief break from raiding from the first tier of WoD but came back for Blackrock Foundry.

Artifact Rank MS/OS: Fury is 72 and Arms is 52

Do you have your BIS Legendaries?: No

Recent Raid Combat Logs: I don't have recent logs as I just returned to the game.

Screenshot of Combat UI:

Here at Seraph we require high levels of attendance and focus to be a member of any of our raid teams. Will this be a problem?: It won't be a problem, my schedule fits around the raid times.

Gender and Age (MUST BE 18+): Male, 32

Anything else you would like us to know: Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:15 pm

Hey Sollix, thanks for applying to Seraph!

Leadership from Disasterpiece will be along shortly to review your application, so check back here soon, and have a happy new year!

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