Accepted: Ugotpyros, Mage/Fire, 940 (6)

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Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:01 pm

Where did you hear about Seraph?: Through the wowprogress guild listing of Mal'Ganis

Battle Tag: ugotugot#1759
Discord Tag: ugotugot#8600
Armory Link: ... /ugotpyros
Server: Mal'Ganis
Class: Mage
Race: Troll
Main spec: Fire
Off spec: Frost

Which team(s) are you applying for?:
01 - Spaceball One: N
03 - Repulsion: N
05 - Hallowed Ground: N
06 - Bloodline: Y
07 - Color Blind: N
08 - Barely Heroic: N
09 - Remnant: N
10 - Crippling Depression: N
11 - Legends of Chaos: N
12 - After Dawn: N


SPECIFIC Raiding & Guild History (dates, rankings...): I first got into serious raiding at the end of MoP where we got to 11/14 heroic in 10man. After that I spent all of WoD with the same group in mythic(obviously we had to find folks to fill the 20man) we got to 6/7M HM 7/10M BRF and then the guild fell apart at gorefiend in HFC. so I decided to take a break until Legion. I came back into Legion with little expectations to find a raid team but my friend dragged me to Mal'ganis to raid with defenestration where we got 7/7M EN, during nighthold I joined Extreme, now named Alternative strats, where we got 10/10M and here we are at 6/9M ToS.

Sorry I dont have any specific dates or rankings I dont really keep track.

Artifact Rank MS/OS: Fire spec is 66, Frost is 52

Do you have your BIS Legendaries?: I have all the legendaries for fire, I also have bis for frost which are bracers and lust ring.

Our guild uses Discord to communicate. Will this be an issue?: No, I've been using discord for raiding since the launch of Legion.

Recent Raid Combat Logs: ... /ugotpyros My guild has stopped raiding mythic for 3 weeks now so I dont have super recent logs, therefore I have few kills since 7,3 but you can probably see more information the Alternative strats warcraft logs prior to 7,3.

Screenshot of Combat UI: The only thing missing is my castbar addon I very recently added.

Here at Seraph we require high levels of attendance and focus to be a member of any of our raid teams. Do you understand that during your trial we expect near 100% attendance and, if you miss raids, you probably won't pass your trial? : Ofcourse I would'nt app for a guild that has a schedule that would make it so I cant attend atleast 98% of raid times.

Gender and age (MUST BE 18+): Male, 21

Anything else you would like us to know: I am from the province of Quebec in Canada, my first language is french but I fully understand english, even slang terms and weird accents. I am studying accounting at university atm. Aside from WoW I enjoy watching sports like hockey, football, basketball, soccer. I am also a fan of league of legends pro play I watch NA lcs and good games from the lck. I play league rarely now I used to play a lot during my last year of highschool and my first year of college where I stood at around diamond 1 and 2 and sometimes I play path of exile when I have more free time. I am for the most part very calm and nice. I enjoy hanging out doing stuff outside raids when I have the time. In real life I am pretty relax I mostly just do stuff for school and work during the weekends.

just a quick description of me for you folks.

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Hey Ugotpyros! Your app looks amazing however I have a few things Id like to discuss with you! Could you add me to discord at your earliest convenience?


Thank you!!
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I'll be available from 4:30 pm Est till 12 am tonight.

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