Accepted(9):Morvoth, Shaman/Elemental, 926 (5,9)

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Name: Morvoth
Battle Tag: Morbys#1114
Discord Tag: (Optional)
Armory Link:
Server: Mal'Ganis
Class: Shaman
Race: Orc
Main spec: Elemental
Off spec: Restoration

Where did you hear about Seraph?:

You've been around for as long as I can remember, recruiting for specific raid teams over trade.

Which team(s) are you applying for?:

05 - Hallowed Ground: Y

09 - Remnant: Y


I prefer scrambled eggs, maybe with a bit of cheese and ham cooked within. Also, toilet paper goes over the top not under, look at the patent number for toilet paper, its going OVER!
Both raid teams work, whichever needs me the most.

SPECIFIC Raiding & Guild History (dates, rankings...):

I couldn't give you dates off the top of my head because my raiding/guild history is extensive, I have been playing since launch so I will go over notables.

(Macabre) - Mannoroth - First guild, Alliance, raided up into BWL, downed ragnaros pre nerf and blackwing before I left. I was a holy paladin then.

During BC I was in a horde guild that for the life of me I can't remember but it was a great bunch of people, I MTed with the GM's wife. We got to KT and Vashj but never managed to kill them. Cleared everything else. After the guild broke up I pugged mostly. I was a prot warrior during this time.

Near the end of BC I played my paladin again and joined the guild High Latency. Did most hard modes in Ulduar up until Yogg, could never get him down. Guild eventually died off with members leaving and I went back to pugging as a healer through all of ICC.

I don't remember cataclysm that much, I believe I was very casual, I recall being in a guild but we didn't do much, I pugged most of the end raid on my pally and near the end switched over to horde and started playing my prot war and leveling an ele sham.

During Pandaria I joined a guild called Keine Nuine or something of that nature, they are actually still around, we did all of the normals and some heroics for the first few raids and cleared up to heroic Garrosh. Killed him once. After that people started taking a break and the guild as a whole became inactive. I pugged a few mythic runs. I played my shaman exclusively at the end of the expansion.

During WoD I played my shaman again, again a bit of a blur, I recall being in another casual guild but they didn't do much content wise. Cleared the normals and a few heroic bosses for all content but nothing was pushed. Don't seem to recall expansions that were boring as a whole I suppose.

This expansion I joined a guild called Trial by Fire, never really pushed any mythic content but we cleared heroics up until ToS when the guilds members became inactive right before ToS. Pugged a bit before going to alliance and playing a hunter. Joined the guild Aphelion, killed KJ once and got the achieve on my BM tank because the guild was in dire need of one, managed to level one up quick and gear him well enough for the encounter, ( I got super lucky, two legendaries in one day with one of them BiS). After that there was some guild drama, someone left and poached the best players from the guild and the GM disbanded the guild. I pugged up to Desolate Host on my hunter. The fights were much easier than I thought they would be, more about execution honestly.

Artifact Rank MS/OS:


Do you have your BIS Legendaries?:

I have all legendaries for elem, none for the other specs.

Our guild uses Discord to communicate. Will this be an issue?:

Discord is bae, I love discord.

Recent Raid Combat Logs: ... is/morvoth

I did what I could, I didn't realize it was so hard to pug Heroic nowadays, people leave after one wipe or individuals don't understand mechanics.

Screenshot of Combat UI:

Here at Seraph we require high levels of attendance and focus to be a member of any of our raid teams. Do you understand that during your trial we expect near 100% attendance and, if you miss raids, you probably won't pass your trial? :

This shouldn't be an issue

Gender and age (MUST BE 18+):

33 M

Anything else you would like us to know:

I like how the guild has multiple raid teams instead of just one, it gives people flexibility and there is less pressure from everyone taking someones raid spot or feeling bad for taking someones spot. I understand my ilvl is low but I can only imagine how well I would do 930+. Maybe I am just a better shaman but I seem to be performing better on this char than I did on my hunters. Most of my fights are consistently 1mil+. The parses I ran today were quite difficult, but I suppose its indicative to my adaptability.

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Hey there Morvoth! That's for your interest in teams 5 and 9. Please allow both teams 24 hours to go over your app and we'll get back to you. :)
Hallowed Ground
Recruitment Officer

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MMMM scrambled eggs with some cheese and ham. yum. I'm going to add you to btag friend so we can talk more.

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