Accepted(1): Büllscowsby, Monk/Mistweaver/Brewmaster, ilvl 940

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Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:50 pm

Name: Büllscowsby
Battle Tag: MrHarambe#1555
Discord Tag: bullscowsby#3225
Armory Link: ... Cllscowsby
Server: Mal'ganis
Class: Monk
Race: Tauren
Main spec: Mistweaver
Off spec: Brewmaster

Where did you hear about Seraph?: read about a couple of times , also seen you on wowprogress of course.

Are you applying independently or with a group?: independently

Which team(s) are you applying for?:
01 - Spaceball One: Y
06 - Bloodline: Y
Preferences: Spaceball One

SPECIFIC Raiding & Guild History (dates, rankings...): I used to raid with vile back on MoP days we made it to Siegecrafter on SoO then i left for WoD unti HFC where i started raiding with roadrunners from Kil'jaeden but just for heroic. On the current content i came back to wow for Nighthod but started raiding mythic content on ToS with the guild Valar Morghulis, we made it to Mistress Saszine but we lost a lot of people and the guild went on hiatus

Artifact Rank MS/OS: 66 on MW / 64 on BM

Do you have your BIS Legendaries?: only missing velen's :(

Recent Raid Combat Logs: ... 328/latest

Screenshot of Combat UI:

Here at Seraph we require high levels of attendance and focus to be a member of any of our raid teams. Will this be a problem?: not at all

Gender and Age (MUST BE 18+): Male 23 years old

Anything else you would like us to know: thanks for your time reading this application :3

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Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:55 pm

Hello Bullcowsby and thanks for your app to Seraph. Please allow up to 24 hours for the teams you've have selected to review your application and get back with you. Check back soon for an update!
Recruitment Officer
R12 - Afterdawn

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