Accepted (4): Illioa, Mage/Fire, ilvl (927) (1, 2, 4, 5)

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Name: Illioa
Battle Tag: Bay#11246
Discord Tag: Bayman#4353
Armory Link: ... -52/illioa
Server: Area 52
Class: Mage
Race: Blood elf
Main spec: Fire
Off spec: Arcane

Where did you hear about Seraph?:
I was playing Diablo with Ilpad and he mentioned that I should join a team on there.

Are you applying independently or with a group?:

Which team(s) are you applying for?:
1. Spaceball One: Y
2. Legends of Chaos: Y
3. Disasterpiece: N
4. Color Blind: Y
5. Hallowed Ground: Y
6. Barely Heroic: N

Probably would prefer the Spaceball One team because it's nice times for me, but I really don't know what team I would be best in because I'm not sure who I'll click with, but I'm open to try whatever.

SPECIFIC Raiding & Guild History (dates, rankings...):
On a Demonhunter (Illioa-Proudmoore):
November 2016-Joined Legion's Deathbringers casually, went to raid casually there, in EN, decided I wanted something serious so i went to:
February 2017-Agents of the Kirin Tor, later known as Vaikon Industries. Raided with them for the beginning of mythic Nighthold, but the group struggled on Chronomatic Anomaly, but we finally got it down, and then we struggled on Trilliax again, and both of the tanks left the guild because of time slot issues, and then the group fell apart without any tanks. I took a break from WoW for a couple month after that, and just came back.

Artifact Rank MS/OS:
Fire: 70.
Arcane: 68.

Do you have your BIS Legendaries?:
I'll explain more at the bottom, but I've been farming to get them relentlessly.

Recent Raid Combat Logs:

Screenshot of Combat UI:

Here at Seraph we require high levels of attendance and focus to be a member of any of our raid teams. Will this be a problem?:

Gender and Age (MUST BE 18+):
M 21

Anything else you would like us to know:
I played Demon Hunter previously, on alliance side on Proudmoore.
I recently started playing mage about 4-5 weeks ago. So I'm still learning my spec, I want to make it clear that I'm not going to be perfect. That being said, I'm a quick learner, and I've been learning a lot about it, and I've got a mentality for raiding. Since I'm a fresh mage, I've been farming a lot to try to get legendaries (Argus every day, LFR normal and heroic each week, world tours, emissaries, etc.), but right now my legandaries are shit, I have the chest and the talent ring, which are really bad in terms of damage tiers. Give me 2 weeks and I'll have 2 more legedaries though, since I should get about 1/week with the farming I'm doing.

Because of the combination of me being new to my spec, I've got bad legendaries, and didn't have tier pieces at the time of my logs (I have 4 piece now!), my logs damage is really unimpressive. However, through all 9 bosses, I was doing mechanics well, especially considering I had only seen the heroic fights a few times before, and I never died on any of our pulls. The damage will come with gear and time, I just wanted to show that I've got the mechanics at least to be a raider.

I played arcane while leveling and swapped to fire soon after 70 to see which one I liked more, and I am really enjoying fire (and I've been told arcane is shit now) so I'm sticking with that. I liked arcane though, so if a raid team needed me to switch for some reason, (and assuming I could get legendaries for it) I probably wouldn't have an issue with it, but for now I'm committed to fire.

I was originally hesitant to apply because of my gear situation but I've been told I'm a good enough raider that I should be fine anyway, so I want to give it a shot.

If any team has any more questions or would like to know more, or just want to talk and get to know me, please contact me, I'd love to talk.

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Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:40 pm

Hi Bay! You've been accepted to trial with us on Color Blind!

We have an optional Thursday Heroic run that'll be up on the in-game calendar (along with other community events you're welcome to attend!) Our team uses ERT for notes (sometimes) and Discord for our voice communication.

Follow these instructions for access to the rest of the forums!

Whisper any officer for an invitation to the guild, and welcome to Seraph!

Talk soon!

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