Accepted: Stabsgently, Demon Hunter/Havoc, 913 (12)

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Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:14 pm

Name: Stabsgently
Battle Tag: Salty#11198
Discord Tag: chokesnicely#9054
Armory Link: ... tabsgently
Server: US-Mal'Ganis
Class: Demon Hunter
Race: Blood Elf
Main spec: Havoc
Off spec: Vengeance

Where did you hear about Seraph?: from your guild member Imapotato (12) (balance druid)

Which team(s) are you applying for?:

12 - After Dawn: Y/N (Y)


SPECIFIC Raiding & Guild History (dates, rankings...): This is an alt character with a pure pug 8/9 N and 9/9H. Currently in the for fun guild <Sake Gang>
(Main character is 9/9H 1/9M on the ex-Tichondrius guild <Ainur> which recently transferred to Stormrage)

Artifact Rank MS/OS: 59/53 (ilvl 932/926)

Do you have your BIS Legendaries?: No, character is pretty fresh and only has 1 legendary but with the 2 legendary research

Our guild uses Discord to communicate. Will this be an issue?: No

Recent Raid Combat Logs: ... X/#fight=1

Screenshot of Combat UI:

Here at Seraph we require high levels of attendance and focus to be a member of any of our raid teams. Do you understand that during your trial we expect near 100% attendance and, if you miss raids, you probably won't pass your trial? : Yes

Gender and age (MUST BE 18+): 23 Male

Anything else you would like us to know: The recent combat logs comes from the Heroic run that your guild did last September 12 after the reset. Main character is Chokesnicely-Stormrage and I have experience on both DemInq and Harj on Mythic but my guild was not able to down them due to time and member problems. After the transfer and guild drama I thought to either transfer my DK (but i'm too poor to do so) or gear my Horde side characters.

I can be the guild punching bag and I would still laugh with you guys? *awkward smile* :D

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Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:49 pm

Hey Stabs! You are accepted! Hit me up next time I'm on for a guild invite! You can add me to btag. You have our discord info already! Welcome aboard!
Recruitment Officer
R12 - Afterdawn

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